_ZerØ_leak_ Alpha is open !

_zerØ_leak_ Content sharing

no leaks
no screen shots
no screen recordings

simply share content that
Cannot be leaked

Ownlee’s Zero Leak is a simple and immediate solution
to share sensitive content that should not leak.

Our Zero Leak Framework ensures full-channel content encryption and complete control over all display devices, eliminating risks of screenshots or recordings.

With Zero Leak, what is meant to be private stays private.

DESIGNED FOR TRULY _paranØid_ usecases

Where content privacy is crucial and leaks are a real threat.

videos & images

Safely share private videos and pictures in a completely leak-less environment.

Instantly revoke content access with a simple click.

Easily trace the source of screeners back to their original recipient.


Reward fans and influential customers with exclusive content.

Safely share video rushes and pre-release material with collaborators, journalists, copywriters and industry influencers.

Maintain complete control over all circulating versions of your content and allocate viewing rights in real-time.

Legal & proof

Confidently distribute “for your eyes only” content among negotiating parties and external entities.

Protect legal content from AI tampering and trace proof and legal content throughout the extended legal chain.


Despite password restrictions, browser-based applications and common viewers can render your content accessible in clear format somewhere along the chain. These vulnerabilities create avenues for potential leaks through sometimes as simple actions as screenshots, screen recording, or more advanced custom-built browsers, dedicated plugins or straight from the computer cache.

Ownlee’s Zero Leak Content Framework was built to counteract these capture mechanisms from the start of the content journey. Content is never stored in clear and can only be accessed through a controlled, uniquely identified, and secure viewer application, preventing any screen capture.

Content leaks are a risk and a cost Ownlee provides a simple and immediate layer of protection

_SIMPLE_ AND light

Because you don’t need yet another complex framework,
Ownlee is designed to secure your content simply, through your current IT infrastructure.

You securely upload your content.

We send an unleakable QRcode
to be scanned once with the
Ownlee Reader Application


1 – Download the Application

2 – Scan QR with the App or Click it

2 – Scan QR with the Application


Content visible on one device only
It disappears at expiration
Recipient cannot capture or save
Viewing rights can be revoked anytime


Ownlee’s Zero Leak is currently in Alpha stage.

This means that our technology is operational, and we are refining its applications with potential customers.
Our solution is tailored for organizations seeking a straightforward method for securing quick content transfers, without the need for investments in their IT infrastructure.
Zero Leak is user-friendly, lightweight, and immediately effective in mitigating the risks of content leaks.

If you believe your organization could benefit from this approach, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be delighted to discuss how we can help minimize the risk of content leaks.

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